A British resident find a north american snake in there dinning room!

When a resident found a snake in their dining room they were shocked and call the police. The police were soon to contact an organization called RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), the agent that was sent was called Burris. After Burris did his analyzation of the animal he said to the interviewer “It must have been a bit of a shock for this member of the public to find a snake inside their house. I think it was probably the last thing they were expecting to find! He’s a little underweight which makes me think he’s been missing or possibly abandoned for a while and had probably been living under their floorboards,” It was very confusing to think that an American snake would end up all the way in Britain. crazy right?

RSPCA Inspector Kate Burris was called to a Lincoln, England, home to capture a one-foot corn snake discovered in the house's living room. The reptile is believed to be an escaped or abandoned pet. Photo courtesy of the RSPCA



  1. Dear Tavo, Who would of thought an American snake was in a British dinning room! I think you’re right about the snake being missing or abandoned. I wonder what type of snake that is. Love your blog!

    ~ sincerely Alisha

  2. Tavo – did the article say how they think it got there? That is weird!

  3. Hello, Tavo
    This is so interesting, how could a snake get all the way across an ocean? Do you think it was someone’s pet? I really like how are you wrote your blog kind of like you were writing a report on it.

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