Owl Letter!

                                Owl letter


Dear Mrs. cuttatree


I am a great gray owl. I’m writing to you using one of  my friends who speaks owl language and he is helping me tell you that this VVC constriction plan is awful and full of flaws!  Here let me tell you why? I eat all the rats in your  houses. I keep the mice population down. I also need all the help I can get. I am endangered and going extinct.

  I also eat lemmings switch at great numbers are hostile and can injure people or other animals. I am also out of  the way of anything important so please leave my forest alone. As a proud Owl I ask not to cut down any of my forest trees.



  1. Dear, Tavo
    I really liked how creative you were with your writing, what article did you read to find out this information?

    Sincerely Naomi

  2. Dear Tavo I really like how creative you were. I liked how you had the idea of having somebody that speaks human language. I thought that was a cool feature to your owl writing. My question for you is how did you come up with that creative idea. And how are you doing in General. Sincerely Aidan Elmasri

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